Geography & Climate

The Geography of this Wonderland

The landlocked country is located in Central Asia. It is situated at the juncture of 2 celestial mountain ranges 'Tien-Shan' and 'Pameer' and hence it is dominated by several beautiful ranges, lakes, valleys and glaciers. It borders Uzbekistan to the west, Kazakhstan to the north, Tajikistan to the south-west and China to the south-east. About the entire country is situated at hight of around 2,500m, and just around 1/8 of it is less than 1500m.

The Diverse Climate of Kyrgyzstan

The climatically conditions of Kyrgyzstan are also interestingly diverse. The clime is sub-tropical in the Fargana Vale and moderate in the northerly foot-hill area. As you get down to the lower region, you will start to experience a dry continental clime because to the blowing of hot desert air currents from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The regions of the highest altitudes show Polar environmental conditions.