The Wonderful Country of Kyrgyzstan At A Glance

Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan is an amazingly beautiful country, enclosed by very popular mountain ranges, glaciers and lakes of the world. The country's culture is most adorably painted in the colors of the nation's nomadic heritage that has been carried on from generation to generation and is existing. The culture is a blend of about eighty different cultures of the world that are associated with Kyrgyzstan's amazing history.

The country is of great historical importance too as its history is linked with several great historical events of the world including, building of Great Wall of China, Spread of Islam in Asia, fall of the great Soviet Union, etc.

It covers an area of 76,640 sq miles with its capital being, Bishkek. It is divided into six administatrative sections and one city namely, Bishkek, Chuy Region (Chuy Oblasty), Jalal Abad Region (Jalal-Abad Oblasty), Naryn Region (Naryn Oblasty), Osh Region (Osh Oblasty), Talas Region (Talas Oblasty), Issyk-Kul Region (Issyk-Kul Oblasty). The population of Kyrgystan is about 5067000 with the emblem being the coat of arms of Kyrgyzstan.

The Flag of Kyrgyzstan is red and a yellow sun in the middle that symbolizes a Yurta (traditional dwelling). The sun could also be a sign of the nomadic heritage of the country which is mainly dependent on nature and its major component, the sun.