Other Information

The Economy of Kyrgyzstan

National currency of Kyrgyzstan is the Som, which is equal to 100 tyin. The economy if the nation is entirely cash-based and U.S. dollar is the most highly used overseas currency. Other famous currencies such as the Euro are also accepted.

Credit cards are not accepted in the villages. However, cities like Bishkek and Osh have acceptance of Visa and other major credit cards. It's wise though to carry cash in the country to avoid any disappointment or payment hassles.


The timezone of Kyrgyzstan is usually GMT + 5 hours. However during a certain period of time in the year, the timezone is changed to GMT + 6 hours.

The plant and animal life in Kyrgystan

The country is famous for its botanic diversity, as around four hundred species exist exclusively in Kyrgyzstan. Varieties of orchids, tulips and onions are remarkably copious. Alpine floras, such as Leontopodium alpinum, grow on mountain slopes. The uncommon flower - Aigul is found in the Alaai Mountains.  Very significant forests, having rare sorts of pistachio and walnuts, add great importance to this wonderful region.

The animals present in the region include the rare species, Tien-Shan bears, snow leopards, and crimson wolves, which are protected by the law. Other animals found are mountain cattle, deers, etc. The lakes serve as yearly refuge to hundreds of transmigrating birds like mountain-goose and several other rare types.