Shopping Spree

Shopping is a lovely activity in Kyrgyzstan. It is distinct from the shopping ways of the highly modernized countries of the world. There are no malls in the country. Yet, traditional Bazaars exist which are full of life during the day time with tradesmen and merchants selling off their items in negotiation prices. Bargaining  with Kyrgyz is a fun-filled activity. Some of the most popular shopping centers include:

Osh and Alemadin Bazzaars

These are traditional Eastern-type shopping centers where one can find everything from clothes to cutlery. The rates are cheap and negotiable. The tradesmen here are the locals who do not speak English and may charge more from foreigners.


It is the largest super-market in the Capital city and offers almost everything from toilet articles to new electronics. It also offers traditional handicrafts and souvenirs which can be found on the fourth floor. This is a modernized shop and you may expect sellers here who are versed in English. Bargaining can also be done.

Asahi market

Located in Chui Prospect, this market offers a huge range of  handmade wool and silk carpets. Metallic/wooden and felt articles, pots, 'chiy',  and unique antiques pieces are also to be found over here. The timings of the market are 9 am in the morning till 8 pm in the evening.

Art Gallery

Located at 57, Manas Prospect, this Art Gallery is not just a gallery but a shop too. You can buy traditional paintings, rugs, carpets, souvenirs, crafts, etc from here.

Musical Drama Theatres

Musical/ Drama Theatres

There are numerous Musical and Drama Theaters in Kyrgyzstan, offering many different shows. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned below:

Abdylas Maldybaev - The Opera and Ballet Theatre

Located in 167, Abayrabnanova St, the theater provides resident opera and ballet institutions with guest organizations. Mainly, the shows are usually held during autumn – spring season, however performances are held at different times of the year too. The tickets cost 50 to 300 soms.

Kyrgyz Phillharmonic

Located in Chui Prospect, this place is a gigantic theater; it has set-ups for modern and classical symphonies and local traditional and orchestral musical shows. The tickets cost range from 70 to 3000 soms as per the grandness of the show.

Kyrgyz Drama Theatre

Located just behind the government house, this theater features dramas and plays which are local as well as international. The plays are usually conducted in the Kyrgyz or Russian language. The tickets cost 20 to 200 soms, according to the length and richness of the play.

Russian Drama Theatre

Located in 122, Tynistanova St.Oak Park, this theater features a variety of international and local dramas in the Russian language. The tickets cost 30 to 300 soms.  

The Conservatory

It is a concert hall for students and teachers of musical institutions in the country. It is a hub for promotion of new music. Ticket pricing is usually promotional and cheap.

The Exquisite Landscapes

Kyrgyzstan - The marvels of nature and traditions to explore and to pump up the sport

When you are in Kyrgyzstan, the possibilities of enjoyment are endless. The region is to some extent safe and studded with the most exquisite sights one would ever get to see in his life. This is one of the very few places of the world where nature is conserved in the most original form.

Kyrgyzstan is the dreamworld of the people who have desires of adventurous journeys with a touch of traditional and natural ways. There is a a lot to explore in this country ranging from historical sites to modern constructions, from rural settlements to urban cities, from Persians to Russians, from level roads to rugged mountains and lakes, from folk music to modern songs. Every step ahead is sure to take you on a new journey of amazement and fun! It is no doubt in saying that Kyrgyzstan is where beauty and diversity lies combined.

The exquisite landscapes

In the places mentioned below, you will experience not only the very rich culture and traditions of the place, but also its modernized side. There is a lot to explore in the wonderful land of Kyrgyz.

There is also wide range of sporting activities you can engulf in when you visit these places in Kyrgyzstan. The chances of the availability of these activities depend on the region, however you can contact tourist agencies for special arrangements and guide. The list includes:

  • Biking
  • Trekking
  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing
  • Driving
  • Camping
  • etc.

Issyk-Kul lake

This lake is what one would call the height of natural beauty. It is probably the most attractive feature of the country.  Often called “The Pearl of Central Asia", it has the ability to change color, from green to blue-ish turquoise, according to the time of the day and the positioning of the sun. The water body is enclosed by celestial Tien-Shan snowcapped ranges – the most popular mountains of Central Asia. It is the 2nd largest alpine lake of the word after Titica (USA). 

The region close to the lake is renowned for its beauteous sandy-blonde shores amongst natives, Kazakhs and Russians. A lot of hotels and holiday resorts are located on the north. The region between the lake and Almaty (Kazakhstan) is fantabulous for trekking. There are also several extraordinary valleys with several climbing and trekking or even camping outlooks at south-east area of Issyk-Kul. 

Ala Archa National Park

Located just an hour's drive from the Capital, this area is a marvelous place of exquisite scenery.  It opens horizons to trekking, mountaineering and hiking possibilities because of the beautiful ranges and the glaciers/waterfalls; it is Kyrgystan's hiking and climbing club. Ala Archa is basically a Kyrgyz word which means 'varicolored juniper' and this juniper grows copiously over the slopes of the ranges.

Upon entree at the gate, you have to pay a small fee and then you are led to the inside of the park to discover endless range of fun-filled activities. The place is crowded on weekends but empty on working days. This place is not to miss when you go to Kyrgyzstan. You can get involved in vigorous sports or just relax by the waterfall; it’s up to you as everything has its own charm here.

Note: It is best to visit this area with a guide as visiting some parts is to be avoided.


It is one of the greatest glaciers of the world enclosed by the great Tien-Shan ranges. Located in the east-Kyrgyzstan on the Kyrgyzstan-China boundary, this 58 km extended glacier is an eye-catching wonder.

Non-climbers can use the helicopter facility to get over this glacier and adjacent Merzbachar lake which is surely giving you the experience of a lifetime.

Sarry Chelek

It is a renowned natural reserve with six Alpine lakes and rich fruit and walnut woodlands. It is located at the distance of one-day drive from Jalal-Abad.


This is a wonderful place of beauty with alpine lake paired with the surrounding alpine pastureland. It's got the largest lake in Naryn region and is a habitat for pretty ducks, geese and other waterbirds .  It is one-day drive from the Capital and has ravishing sights waiting for you.

Places to stay here are distinct and interesting 'Yurt Inns' where you can enjoy a shared accommodation and serving of traditional meals.

Djety Oguz

The importance of this place can be deduced from the fact that its picture is printed on the Kirghistan’s currency note. Djety Oquz is a beauteous gorge/valley which is known as “Seven Oxen” because of the seven beautiful crimson sandstones located. The area also has meadows of variety of pretty flowers which will give you a sensational time. The region is also famed for multiple trekking and climbing possibilities.

Ala Kol lake

This alpine lake is great for climbers as it has popular gorges and trek routes. It is about 3532 meters above the sea-level. The waterfall that traces its route from the lake is safe and cool making it a lovely spot for taking a dip and enjoying the swim. The region is also inhabited by many furry animals including Snow leopards that are rarely spotted.

Altyn Arashan

Altyn is an extremely marvelous valley in terms of beauty with a plethora of naturally occurring hot springs. There are also man-made water pools that claim to make people healthy and wise.  The fine gorges and ranges make this place great for trekkers and climbers too. You can get to this valley on a four-wheeled bus spotting very lovely sights along the way, including a  spectacular waterfall.


It is an urban settlement in Jalal Abad region of Kyrgyzstan. It is adjacent to the beautiful Toktogul reservoir which gave the place its name. The area offers wide possibilities of horseriding.
Many tourist offices can be contacted if you want to explore Kyrgyzstan on a horse like the famous horseback riders of Changez Khan's era.  

Torugart Pass

Broad mount pass on the Kyrgyzstan-China boundary. The pathway leads through pasturelands with shepherd-dwellings all along the route. It is situated at 2-3 hour drive from the Naryn region. Owing to its beauty and attractive sights, this pass is to check out when one visits Kyrgyzstan!


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