Musical Drama Theatres

Musical/ Drama Theatres

There are numerous Musical and Drama Theaters in Kyrgyzstan, offering many different shows. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned below:

Abdylas Maldybaev - The Opera and Ballet Theatre

Located in 167, Abayrabnanova St, the theater provides resident opera and ballet institutions with guest organizations. Mainly, the shows are usually held during autumn – spring season, however performances are held at different times of the year too. The tickets cost 50 to 300 soms.

Kyrgyz Phillharmonic

Located in Chui Prospect, this place is a gigantic theater; it has set-ups for modern and classical symphonies and local traditional and orchestral musical shows. The tickets cost range from 70 to 3000 soms as per the grandness of the show.

Kyrgyz Drama Theatre

Located just behind the government house, this theater features dramas and plays which are local as well as international. The plays are usually conducted in the Kyrgyz or Russian language. The tickets cost 20 to 200 soms, according to the length and richness of the play.

Russian Drama Theatre

Located in 122, Tynistanova St.Oak Park, this theater features a variety of international and local dramas in the Russian language. The tickets cost 30 to 300 soms.  

The Conservatory

It is a concert hall for students and teachers of musical institutions in the country. It is a hub for promotion of new music. Ticket pricing is usually promotional and cheap.