Shopping Spree

Shopping is a lovely activity in Kyrgyzstan. It is distinct from the shopping ways of the highly modernized countries of the world. There are no malls in the country. Yet, traditional Bazaars exist which are full of life during the day time with tradesmen and merchants selling off their items in negotiation prices. Bargaining  with Kyrgyz is a fun-filled activity. Some of the most popular shopping centers include:

Osh and Alemadin Bazzaars

These are traditional Eastern-type shopping centers where one can find everything from clothes to cutlery. The rates are cheap and negotiable. The tradesmen here are the locals who do not speak English and may charge more from foreigners.


It is the largest super-market in the Capital city and offers almost everything from toilet articles to new electronics. It also offers traditional handicrafts and souvenirs which can be found on the fourth floor. This is a modernized shop and you may expect sellers here who are versed in English. Bargaining can also be done.

Asahi market

Located in Chui Prospect, this market offers a huge range of  handmade wool and silk carpets. Metallic/wooden and felt articles, pots, 'chiy',  and unique antiques pieces are also to be found over here. The timings of the market are 9 am in the morning till 8 pm in the evening.

Art Gallery

Located at 57, Manas Prospect, this Art Gallery is not just a gallery but a shop too. You can buy traditional paintings, rugs, carpets, souvenirs, crafts, etc from here.