Kyrgyzstan Population

The Great People of The Great Nation

Kyrgyzstan can be called a country of population diversity. Its natives are marvelously ranging from Turks to Russians! The inhabitants have different sets of values and ways too but it’s amazing how the nation is so well united with a perfect blend of different ways and traditions. Statistics show that the percentage of ethnic groups in the county is...
•    Kyrgyz 65%,
•    Russian 12.5%,
•    Uzbek 13.8%,
•    Dungan 1.1%,
•    Ukrainian 1%,
•    Uygur 1%,
•    Other 5.7%.

The people of Kyrgyzstan are well known for their magnanimity and hospitability. Where ever you go, you will be treated with a Salam (greeting) and receive ample of honor. Even if you go to a restaurant, they will tell you (in Kyrgyz) to have the best seat according to your preference, and then every possible attempt will be made to serve you the best dishes with best etiquettes.

Another noteworthy fact about the people of Kyrgyzstan is their tolerance. Even though they have their own traditional dress codes and conduct codes in the villages, they show absolutely no difference to whatsoever you wear or do. It's officially an Islamic country but non-Muslim women (such as Russians) can be easily spotted around the place wearing explosive clothes. So, in there you do not have to worry about offending anyone by your dressing style.

The communication of Kyrgyzstan's people is conducted in Kyrgyz and Russian. Kyrgyz is a Turk language associated with Kazakh, Uzbek and, the Turkish. The language Kyrgyz is more popular amongst villagers, whereas the language of cities is Russian which is considered as the language of the urban. English, even though gaining popularity, is yet barely preferred, so visitors should try to learn a few important words to communicate with the local people.

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