Transport and Travel in Kyrgyzstan

As you enter this wonderful country of mountains and variety of natural landscapes, you would obviously want an efficient transportation system, without which you wouldn't really be able to proceed. It’s best to check out the information on this page, which will definitely save you from most travel hassles in Kyrgyzstan.

Our utmost suggestion to potential tourists is to carry cash for regular travel as the country's economy depends mainly on cash transactions.


Kyrgyzstan has a fairly appreciable network of air transport services. Altyn-Air and Kyrgyzstan Abba Jolduru, the two main airline companies of Kyrgyzstan, have many flights operating regularly between the regions of Jalal Abad, Batken and Osh. Air travel to Kazakhstan and Cholpun-Atta inside Izyk-Kul area is also opened during the heat of summer months.

Admittance to the celestial and historically significant Tin-Shan Mountains is only through helicopters that take the tourists, climbers and hikers over the lush and beautiful Inyllchek Vale to get them transported to their desired area.

Buying Tickets
Tickets are to be purchases at the offices of respective airline companies, local ticket agencies or at airport's departure-terminals. The payment methods for tickets are slightly flexible as apart from the national currency, you can pay in U.S. Dollars. The country's economy is mainly a cash economy; however in the capital city and region surrounding it, a limited range of credit cards are accepted (mostly Visa).


There is not a very wide rail way network in Kazakhstan because of the nature of the land and possibly the needlessness felt by the authority. There exists only a single railway line that runs between Bishkek, Balykchi and the west of Issyk-Kul Lake. A possible path into the country from Uzbekistan is served by the rail link between it and the Osh city of Kyrgyzstan.

As crime rates of the country are high, people traveling by rail must take special care of their luggage and items of value, and keep them in the space provided under the seats.  Do not leave your compartments unnecessarily. The train system is also not-so-like a modern one, so passengers are requested to bring their own edibles on the journey. However, a good thing about the rail system is that you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the country as the train slowly motions towards the destination. You are also likely to meet many interesting natives, mostly pensioners that take train to avoid extra-costs.

Buying Tickets
Tickets are to be purchased at the train-station as well as from the conductor when you are on board. The rates are cheap and can be half as compared to the country's taxi fares.


Travelling by road is easy and fun in Kyrgyzstan, most probably because of the attractive sights and activities that one gets to enjoy all along the way with the opportunity to stop and stare or stop and get involved!
The road system is well-established with 28400km (17400 miles) of concrete roads. The nation's capital is served by Mercedes mini-buses, super modern taxis and trolleybuses. However, more rural region only has regular buses and taxis.

Bus Travel

Efficient bus routes are extended to almost every area of Kyrgyzstan. You may find buses jam packed with people but that's the essence of the country.  If you want to get yourself indulged in the conventions of the country just like a native, a travel in a crowded bus would give you a lovely experience. Besides, this bus transport is the safest, cheapest and reliable method of domestic travel in the country.

Mini-buses - "Marshrutki"

These are Mercedes and other vans being driven in various directions of the country. Marshrutki are inexpensive (4 soms for Osh city and Karakul 5 soms for Bishkek) and can take you almost anywhere. However, you different Mars are heading to different destinations and you have to ask somewhere where the bus will go before you get on board. You also have to make the bus driver stop by loudly saying “ostanovite pojaluista zdes” as soon as your destination arrives.


these are the big electric-powered vehicles. They are inexpensive and pokey. It is not a very good idea to travel in these as most of them are not in a good condition and can get disconnected from wires causing a noisy stop.


Bus fares are incredibly cheap but fixed. You can find them at widespread bus stations and village centers.

Taxi Travel

A distinct feature of the country is the availability of shared taxis at almost every part of the region. You just have to make sure that the taxis are not shared with strangers and suspicious-looking people. However, over all the drive is smooth and lovely. You also have the opportunity to make the taxi private by buying all the seats at once.

Urban Taxi services are also available which includes, Express, Mobi card or Super Taxis; they are more comfy and expensive. To call a luxury taxi you have to dial 152, 156 or 182 and the picking will be done in around 20 minutes.


Regular Taxis are cheap and prices are to be negotiated with the driver and the person(s) you're sharing it with. You usually have to pay one seat but in case of carrying a lot of luggages you shall have make extra payments. With Taxis, you can expect fares ranging from 75 -150 soms. Also note that fares change according to the time of the day.

Car Travel

Car-hire facilities are not available in the region. However, tourists can enjoy packages from tourism companies that provide a car and a driver-cum-guide. Driving by tourist themselves is also not a good idea as the roads are not smooth and neither is the police system. That means you may have to take too many risks. The police may deliberately ask foreigners to pull over and to give bribes for their release. Few chances of robbery also exist.


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